1. Configure IMAP and SMTP

Strictly speaking, this does not belong entirely to RoundCube since our webmail is already configured for IMAP & SMTP. However, for users who want to configure their own client on PC, Laptop, Tablet or Phone the bottom of this page will give some guidance. That guidance will also ‘work’ with services like gmail or yahoo where you can specify your mailserver and outbound server.

Credentials and WebMail

When we create your eMail AND you have provided us with an ‘alternate eMail address’ our system will send you an automated eMail with your credentials, technical information and the URL to the webmail application.

eMail Credentials
Simply copy and open the URL in the browser of your choice (you may want to bookmark the URL in your browser).
WebMail Login
Once you see the login screen type your credentials (Username MUST include the full domain!). You may copy from the credentials  you received, use a password manager or save credentials in your browser – it is your choice! Don’t forget to click the “Login” button (OR you can press “ENTER” after you have provided your password).
IF all is correct you will see your inbox:
NOTE: Style, logo and colours may be different on your version.In some cases a different colour scheme may be selected by the user
RoundCube - Inbox

IMAP and SMTP on your eMail Client Appliction

The technical information can be used to configure eMail applications (“client”) on your PC, Laptop, Tablet and Phone. It is strongly recommended to use ‘IMAP’ to ensure multiple devices are in sync. Describing ALL of the possible client applications is beyond of the scope of this help page! Search for ‘your’ application on the web (or help from the maker of the phone/tablet) to learn how to configure additional eMail accounts In GENERAL it is expected that ALL client applications will ask for and need: a) an incoming server protocol (please specify IMAP), hostname AND port, username & PW b) an outgoing server protocol (SMTP is the standard), hostname AND port, username & PW

NOTE: that “authorisation” IS REQUIRED for SMTP to accept your outbound eMail. Your client application may offer you to ‘use the same credentials’ as for IMAP or you may need to provide them a second time. PLEASE NOTE that 3rd parties (like gmail or yahoo) may send SMTP messages (i.e. your outbound mail) ‘through’ our servers with the above configuration but NOT on-behalf (i.e. using their own server). ALWAYS provide them with an ‘outbound’ server or you will not be able to send eMail successfully or you will need to use their eMail address as your “from eMail” (not normally desirable!). In most cases we CAN NOT provide assistance in cofiguration of your third party application or services! You need to search thier help forum or ask them to assist you in how to collect another eMail account. ALL the required technical information is seen above.

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