2.0 Inbox - Home Screen

When you log in the Inbox is normally your “home screen”.

  1. You can see your identity and the “Logout” button in the top right corner.
  2. The “About” link in the top left corner provides version and license info AND shows a list of installed plugins
  3. Rember that you can ALWAYS return to the INBOX by clicking on the LOGO on the left (even if it is you company logo!) or by clicking on the “Mail” envelope.
  4. Contacts will open your personal address book
  5. Settings will take you to configurable options
  6. Refresh checks for new eMail (done automatically at a configurable interval)
  7. Compose will start a new eMail
  8. UNLESS you have a message selected the following will be “greyed out”:
    1. Reply to the Sender
    2. Reply all
    3. Forward
    4. Delete
    5. Mark
      1. As READ
      2. As UNREAD
      3. As Stared
      4. not Stared
    6. More …
      1. Print
  9.  FILTER to see only messages of one type
  10. SEARCH for text
RoundCube - Inbox

NOTE: Style, logo and colours may be different on your version. There may be additional menu option in your version! In some cases a different colour scheme may be selected by the user

Rev.: C.20190301