2. Configure RoundCube

RoundCube can be used simply “off-the-shelf” as we install it for you. This is sufficient for the occasional use. If you only use it to check infrequently or send a message once in a while you do not need to bother with a lot of configuration.

On the other hand, RundCube can be used regularly and is very comprehensive in the available features. Some items may be useful even if if you normally use you phone and/or PC. (NOT all features may be available in your installation!)

  • Out of office messages
  • “Canned reply”
  • Forwarding to another account
  • Collecting eMail form other accounts (SMTP or POP3)
  • Language, time zone, different sender identities
  • signature lines (blocks)
  • and many more

We hope to complete an explanation of most features and give recommendations where appropriate!

ALL Subtitles under THIS page expect that you have successfully logged in to your webmail and are looking at the “Inbox” as a deafault starting point. We will attempt to include screen shot simulations to show you where to click. HOWEVER, versions and layout may have slight variatios over time and you may need to look for items that may have been ‘moved’.

we try to always start our guide pages from your "inbox"
RoundCube - Inbox

NOTE: Style, logo and colours may be different on your version. There may be additional menu option in your version! In some cases a different colour scheme may be selected by the user

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