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RoundCube WebMail

Our choice of WebMail client for server installations is the FOSS application RoundCube written in PHP. This allows our users access to a full fledged comprehensive webmail system using the IMAP protocol (deletions and sent files are available to other client-applications using the IMAP protocol – e.g. your Thunderbird Desktop or eMail client of you mobile device).

This page is being built and will be maintained as a resource for common support questions. This is done because the foundation operating the RoundCube Website does discourage linking to their site for help/support.This is understandable because their site is offering assistance to server administrators and not the end user.

BECAUSE your provider is allowed to link to this site, you ‘may’ find some help is specific to our configuration/ preference /client needs. If this guidance does not work on your instance of RoundCube you will have to contact YOUR Service Provider directly!

These support pages are open source and licensed under creative commons ( with attribution and share alike) version 4.0 or later. Where suitable we may have incorporated and credited other open source text or images.

RoundCube - External Resources

We may provide links to other suitable resources for guidance with the use of RoundCube below:

  • [NO LINKS provided at this time.]

RoundCube Plug-Ins

In addition, the functionality of RoundCube ‘may be’ extended with so called ‘plug-ins’. If we use a plug-in for certain functionality we will add a link to the plug-in support site (if one exists) and likely have a help page for that plug-in in the menu on this page. HOWEVER, kindly note, that NOT ALL plug-ins described here will be used/installed on the site your organisation is using. IF you feel that you need additional functionality for your own webmail, kindly contact us via the person responsible at your organisation to let them discuss the cost of additional services you may desire.
We may provide links to plug-in support sites on the respective pages for the plug-in in this help section.

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